36 Dogs Caught Relaxing In Unusual Positions Prove Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere

Sleeping comfortably is something that dogs make easy. They just seem to be able to relax and take a nap anywhere! From squeezing into positions that would make a yoga master jealous to ones that make you laugh, dogs are the best at napping in unusual positions.

We asked our members to submit photos of their dogs relaxing in awkward positions and here are the results.

1. “Cullen resting with her sister, Lani, wrapped around her.”

2. This isn’t your typical place to choose to have a nap.

3. “This is Indy after a day of helping around the house, gives new meaning to the phrase ‘dog tired’.”

4. “The day we brought her home from the shelter.”

5. The “High 5” napping position.

6. “My blue staffy Roxy can’t decide whether she wants to lay on the couch or the table – so she lays on both at the same time.”

7. “Wren.”

8. He was getting off the couch and fell asleep!

9. Hands up!

10. “Our little girl Meeko.”

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