Taurus Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

This week will be full of changes and unpredictable events. It could be a week of confusion and chaos. There may not be much clarity regarding money matters. You are likely to have anxiety about the same. At home, you will be happy and enjoy domestic bliss. Your spouse will be supportive and caring and you will look up to her for emotional support. You will enjoy work as a salaried employee. But there may be some arguments and miscommunication with your colleagues and co-worker. For married couples it will prove to be a good week. Expect some challenges and unforeseen events at your place of work and business. Things may be slow this week in terms of business and career. Your motivation to work may be low this week.

Taurus Weekly Love And Relationship

This may not be the best week for love and relationship. There are chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings. You might be under pressure due to work, so the feeling of love may not be your priority this week. However, things will begin to get better towards the weekend. The end of the week may help you to prioritise your relationship. If you wish to propose to anyone, do it on the weekend as it will prove favourable.

Taurus Weekly Health And Well Being

No adverse and negative influences are likely to impact your well-being. Energy levels might be high. However, along with being hyperactive, it would be wise to be careful as you may be prone to minor injuries. Try staying calm when dealing with delicate situations. You may try practising yoga and Pranayam on a daily basis to stay balanced.

Taurus Weekly Career And Business

This week, career and business may be a cause of concern. Unexpected situations and issues can come up that could disturb the mundane. You may not have clarity about the finances and cash flow, which may affect the normal day-to-day working of your business. Avoid making any significant financial decisions around the 17th of November. Avoid trying anything new this week and go slow as far as your career and business are concerned. Do not take any unnecessary risks.

Taurus Weekly Money And Finances

There may be some anxiety about money and finances this week. Around the 17th of November, avoid finalising any significant financial transactions. You are likely to make the wrong decision. There may be uncertainty and anxiety as far as money matters are concerned this week. Avoid taking any risk or speculation as you are likely to incur a loss. Do not make any new investments or invest in fixed deposits or safe instruments with a long-term maturity. Have a conservative approach towards your investments this week.

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