Cancer Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

It would be wise to keep a tab on your health during this phase. A minor issue could likely worsen if you fail to address it in time. You are strongly advised to consult a doctor even for the smallest health concern. Around the mid-week, you are likely to feel emotionally stressed. However, towards the weekend, you will be in high spirits. You will not only begin to relax, but you may also tap into your creative side. In general, it would be wise to keep a close watch on your expenses during this phase. In order to avoid misunderstandings and arguments at home, you are advised to maintain a calm composure. On the whole, this phase will prove favourable for those in love. As for salaried individuals, this phase may not be a cakewalk. You are likely to come across various challenges. However, with patience and determination, you will be able to overcome them.

Cancer Weekly Love And Relationship

A wonderful week to be in a relationship. Lovers may bond well and have mutual respect. They may be passionate about each other. But it would be wise for them to avoid the tendency of getting over-possessive and jealous. They may try to manipulate and control their partner, which might not be suitable for the relationship. On the whole, affections and emotions may be high.

Cancer Weekly Health And Well Being

Do not neglect any health issues this week. If you ignore any health issues, they may become chronic, and you might have to get prolonged treatment. It’s essential to get regular medical checkups done and take medical advice for any medical issue. Your immunity may be low, and you are susceptible to infections. Avoid eating unhealthy food. Follow a healthy and hygienic diet and lifestyle.

Cancer Weekly Career And Business

It might be a good week for career and business. You may be motivated and have the confidence to make the right decisions regarding your business and career. You may feel passionate about your work. Your confidence and energy levels may be high, and you might enjoy meeting people and exploring opportunities. You may have to be careful with your finances, though. Unforeseen expenses and losses are indicated. Do not make any impulsive decisions. You are likely to face a loss. Manage your finances well and take care of legal issues. Then you may do well in your business this week.

Cancer Weekly Money And Finances

If you can manage your unforeseen expenses and losses, then this can be a financially rewarding week. Especially around the 17th of November, avoid making any decisions based on an emotional impulse. You may have to spend on medical bills during this phase. On the bright side, your investments may grow. The 20th and the 21st of November are good for investments in shares and equities.

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