Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 2, 2019

Born under the ruling planet, Uranus, you have a charged up personality because of which you are popular, exciting and always individualistic in style.The Moon in Capricorn will encourage you to spend some valuable time counselling people who need some help. You do not emotionally involve yourself with others problems and so are able to give a better suggestion or pass a better judgement. Although, if you do let your guard down sometimes and allow people to notice your emotions; you will appear more human to them and they will be able to relate to you more. he auspicious hours of this day lie between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. Grey colour will prove lucky today.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

Today you will find problems cropping up with your partner over small issues. You also may not be able to live up to commitments you made, creating further friction. Social problems will really be the cause of a challenging day in many respects. Marriages taking place, particularly those that do not have the blessings of close family, may find themselves running into troubled water.

Aquarius Daily Career Horoscope

Your organization may be sending you overseas for new business or a new project. Take advantage of this opportunity and prove yourself as you have worked hard for it. Overseas ventures will bear fruit at this time, so use your current position to your advantage. Students will find their attention turning overseas or to a program away from home and should thoroughly investigate the same.

Aquarius Daily Finance Horoscope

Today will bring good news your way today in your financial sector. If you have been hoping for a promotion or have been waiting for a business proposal to come your way then, today may very well be the day you get that step up the corporate ladder. Your employers have been very happy with your work off late so your chances of being promoted are quite high. Your hard work is now paying off.

Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope

A feeling of depression may sweep over you today. Try doing things that you like such as reading a good book, chatting with an old friend or simply getting out of the house in order to get out of your period of sadness.

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