AQUARIUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – You are coming off of an intense week, Aquarius, with a Full Moon working some changes. You may have enjoyed some good times last week with some admiration and appreciation from the public eye. But you also may have enjoyed some times just taking a work matter to a new level, or bringing a big project to a close. Either way, you are drained and starting this week with this energy, but this picks up soon enough.

The last of the Full Moon energy is what you are starting this week with, but on a different level as the Sagittarius Moon finishes some work in your social house.

Also on Monday, a Sun and Uranus link in your fourth house of roots and foundations has you thinking seriously about matters on the home front. You are feeling very creative as well, and are encouraged and inspired to take some dream thoughts to the next level.

As the week continues, loving vibes arrive again over Tuesday and Wednesday, right before the Moon enters your sign and you begin to think of launching some new chapters. On Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon in your twelfth house will help you to wrap up some of those chapters, and send you a little bit of luck along the way as well. By Wednesday, Pluto goes retrograde in this house launching a time where spirituality and karma are heavy right now.

These transits come with a guardian angel to help you continue closing chapters in your life that aren’t healthy. In fact, at this point of the week, if you are only taking care of your spiritual health, that’s okay too. Listen to your soul’s urgings.

Come Friday, the Moon enters your sign and you are so ready for what ever is next. It’s a refreshing way to head into the weekend.

By Saturday, romance is on your mind when warrior Mars links up with Neptune in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. Follow your inspirations here as Universe is really trying to send you a message that is aligned with your life’s path, and opportunities for romance or soul connections will be ripe on Saturday. You just never know what Mars will send you!

The week ends on a money not with the Pisces Moon working your house of earned income on Sunday. You feel romantic and inspired about the changes that you know are ahead. Have a blessed week, Aquarius!

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