Aquarius Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

According to the planetary positions, the beginning of this phase may prove to be supportive and progressive for you. Furthermore, some significant development seems to be in line for you. This week will prove to be enjoyable and romantic for those in love. Your views on work and finance-related matters will improve. You might stay very busy with work-related undertakings, as there are chances of getting new and essential assignments this week. Your personal life is likely to stay pleasant, and you may be able to maintain harmony in your relationship. You are more than likely to have a good and refreshing effect on your psyche. Whereas, students may face some obstacles and might require to put in extra efforts into their studies. Regardless, your health may be average and might require extra care due to some seasonal health problems.

Aquarius Weekly Love And Relationship

This week seems good for the relationship with the family. However, some minor issues may irritate you. You are likely to be accommodative about the views of elders in your family. This way, you may be able to maintain harmony in your relationships. Singles are likely to develop feelings for an old friend. The movement of planets seems to support singles on this count.

Aquarius Weekly Health And Well Being

Planetary movements during the week seem average for you. Some old health issues might resurface and require your attention. However, no major health issue is to catch up with you here. However, digestive problems can trouble you. Try sticking to a healthy diet. You may have to take due measures to keep gastric ailments at bay.

Aquarius Weekly Career And Business

Business owners are likely to stay very busy negotiating multiple deals. Big-ticket deals with high worth customers are likely to take place during this phase. It may enhance your reputation and goodwill. Progressive forces are to keep working effectively in your favour. Growth prospects may be encouraging. Some crucial projects or assignments may be assigned this week. Businesses, as well as salaried people, may have a prosperous time.

Aquarius Weekly Money And Finances

This period may be positive and rewarding for financial matters. The inflow of money stands to increase for you. However, some unnecessary expenses may not allow you to save money during this phase. You are advised to make long-term financial plans so you can keep enough provisions for contingency. Despite some expenses, you are to remain in a healthy financial position here.

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