ARIES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – It’s a fairly quiet week for you, Aries, and frankly this will come with much relief. You are just coming off a Full Moon week, with the Full Moon working your relationship house as the week wrapped up. This week there is not much in the forecast but for the one transit of Pluto going retrograde in your career house at the mid-point of the week. This will launch a time of reflection on reputation and secrecy matters, all of which have the power to change so much for you in the coming months.

As the week opens up you are going to be thinking far into the future, and focusing on some of your Big Picture visions. This is courtesy of the Moon in Sagittarius working your ninth house of foreign affairs and long-distance visions. Travel or foreign matters could take precedence over this point of the week, but you may also be feeling some love from the long-distance circuit as well.

At the same time you also have the Sun and Uranus linking up in your money house. Some news may arrive that helps you to realize where you really belong on your life path. Expect the unexpected!

As the week continues, that Moon in Capricorn is working your tenth house of career Destiny. You may find that your star at work really rises. At the same time you have Pluto going retrograde in this house on Wednesday, where Pluto will be for a few months. This is also your house of public image, so be sure you are minding your manners on the job, and you will be well admired for it.
Saturday the energy picks up a bit and brings some loving energy courtesy of Mars and Neptune working your communication house. Follow those inspirations!

The week ends on Sunday with the Pisces Moon working your twelfth house of endings. It’s a warm and loving way to wrap up the week, and you may feel like some alone time. But if not, you are enjoying some wonderful energy in the week. You feel the love and are excited by the prospects on this as you conclude the week. Have a blessed week, Aries!

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