Astrology of Today – Friday, April 12, 2019


If you’ve been holding onto anger and letting frustration build, dear Aries, today can bring these things to the surface, perhaps in disruptive ways. Both Mars and the Sun form tense angles to Pluto, and tensions that have been building, mainly about pressures to perform or from work or competition, can be at the root of things. The trick will be to identify these things and avoiding letting this edgy energy rule your behavior. You could be struggling with letting go of control or about making changes. With Mars in your communications sector, you should especially watch for tense behavior while dealing with mechanics, driving, speaking, and writing. Watch for manipulative or compulsive behaviors and be careful about reacting too quickly to things that irritate you.

You have more drive these days to pursue your material needs and wants with Mars in your solar second house, dear Taurus, but today, there can be a tendency to want more than the world can offer you at the moment. Control or power games are tempting now, particularly if you feel frustrated about a matter of ownership or you’re feeling some jealousy, but it’s not the solution to problems. Both Mars and the Sun are in tense aspect with Pluto, and if tensions have been rising, they may surface in unexpected ways now. You might also be a little too quick to jump to your defense, or to someone else’s, before you know the whole story. Something from the past might be undermining your confidence, and if so, it’s best to tie up loose ends. Think up better ways to deal with irritating situations today — moves that will serve your interests not only today but down the road.

The Sun in your social sector is a vital influence these days, and so is Mars in your sign, dear Gemini, which gives your personality a little more muscle. It’s excellent for when you need to accomplish something a little out of your standard comfort zone. However, sometimes you can step over yourself in your haste to get where you want to go with this transit. Today, Mars and Pluto connect in a tense aspect, and you might quickly grow frustrated with others who don’t seem to be talking straight with you. You are also feeling your desires with more intensity and urgency, complicating matters. Relations can be a little tense with or among friends, and tension may be more about power and control than the issues to which we’re admitting. Your best bet is to rise above the game playing and focus on softening and moderating your impulses, even if it’s very tempting to get involved.

You’re in a good cycle for both handling your professional affairs and for taking action on private matters or activity behind the scenes, dear Cancer. However, you don’t always see a direct route to achieving your goals or pursuing your desires, and this is emphasized today with Pluto strong and challenging. There can be anger issues emerging that are difficult to understand or define, but they may have their root in power dynamics with a significant other or with relationships in which you feel there is far too much imbalance. Avoid the tendency to try to regain control through indirect means, as this rarely truly satisfies in the long run. Aim to ferry excess energy or intensity into constructive channels. Or, consider ways to plan out your next move rather than push your agenda now when the chances of achieving your goals are small.

Today’s energies are rather intense as both the Sun and Mars form tense aspects with Pluto, dear Leo. Insecurities can seem to emerge out of nowhere when they’re more likely to be delayed reactions to recent events. These influences stir up pent-up anger, and interpersonal tensions are possible, or you can feel especially impatient with projects or situations. If teams are not cooperating or you feel overloaded with more responsibilities than others, this can reach a problematic point. Pressures to meet health and work goals may be at the root of this, as you also want to experiment with new ideas and projects but can’t find the space for all of your pursuits now. Draw on your reserves of self-control now and channel your considerable energies into something beneficial to you. Consider, too, letting go of a part of the routine if it’s not doing you any real good.

With Mars at the top of your solar chart these days and the Sun in your solar eighth house, dear Virgo, you can be quite the workhorse. You’re especially driven and ready to take action toward your long-term goals. There can be times when you feel rushed or pressured to get where you want to go, however, and with both the Sun and Mars arguing with Pluto today, tension builds and may reach a breaking point. There may be frustrations or disagreements over money, intimacy, and power dynamics. Or, balancing professional demands and responsibilities with relationship needs and personal time can be problematic. Fears that someone is pulling the wool over your eyes can lead to behaviors that don’t improve your life. Feeling on edge can be a symptom of something deeper that’s worth exploring. Be selective about what you allow to take center stage in your head right now.

Messages received today, whether they’re verbal or not, appear to be conflicting, dear Libra, with both the Sun and Mars in challenging aspect to Pluto. As well, difficult energies seem to stimulate our fears and power complexes, and people in your life can seem a little controlling. Power plays right now tend to have their root in fear of losing a position, label, title, or person. You can become frustrated with an opinion not catching on or understood, or you might feel particularly restless and ready to take off somewhere “away from it all” but find yourself emotionally stuck instead. The desire for company is real, but there is a lot to sort out in your inner world, and perhaps a little space is what you need most today.

There is a special awareness of and sensitivity to the give-and-take in a relationship these days, dear Scorpio, as well as a general desire for more order in your life. Today, with the Sun and Mars in challenging aspect to Pluto, your ruler, there can be a tendency to act compulsively or to create mountains out of molehills. If someone seems to be withholding information or actively hiding something from you, you can become especially frustrated. You can be driven to get to the truth of a matter or to find an answer to a problem, but this can come at the cost of time, energy, and perhaps most importantly, spirit. There can be agitation with communication or transportation delays, but impatience is only going to exacerbate the problem. Learn from what seems to be triggering your fears or frustrations, but aim to work on getting to a more peaceful, self-kind frame of mind. Even so, it’s wise to recognize intense feelings emerging now, not to act upon them, but to observe and learn. It’s better to conserve your energy.

With the Sun in your solar fifth house and Mars in opposition to your sign these days, dear Sagittarius, your relationships get more attention from you than usual. There can be increased activities and periodic conflicts with others, too, particularly with Pluto strong and challenging today. Watch that you’re not projecting your anger or will onto others, and aim to be especially mindful of automatic responses to others or to frustrating situations. Fears of losing respect, a position, or even a person seem to dominate or drive behavior today. It can be hard for you or others to let things go graciously with these influences in play. Money and fundamental values can be tricky topics now. Trying to force an issue will only lead to frustration today, however, so consider ways to release tension or resentment productively.

Your personal life or home and family matters are taking more priority in your life with the Sun in your solar fourth house these days, dear Capricorn, and responsibilities elsewhere can seem overwhelming and even obtrusive in contrast. You’re also more motivated than usual to take on ambitious or time-consuming projects related to work and health with Mars in your solar sixth house. While this can very often work to your advantage, there can be times when you want things to happen “yesterday,” and this urgency can interfere with your mood. At the same time, changes can make you feel uneasy, and there can be a strong desire to escape. Watch also for a tendency to magnify or obsess over small problems today. It’s possible that with Pluto in your sign that you’re expecting too much from yourself or fearful of losing face, a position, or a title. Consider that pushing yourself too hard and the stress that can result from this won’t help you advance. Aim to go easier on yourself.

Pluto in your solar twelfth house is forming tense aspects with both Mars and Sun right now, dear Aquarius, and tensions that have been brewing under the surface of things can emerge. Even if you’re dwelling a little too much on problems, it’s best not to let anger or resentment drive your behavior, as costly mistakes could happen in the process. Passions rise, and conflicts can result. As well, there is the possibility that a sense of urgency to fill your desires or a competitive insistence within you may lead you to push yourself too hard or needlessly clash with others. Focusing on a solvable problem in the mental or mechanical world may be an excellent way to release energy constructively. This way, you can allow emotions to cool off.

You may be dealing with touchiness or edginess today, dear Pisces, with Pluto in clashing aspects with both the Sun and Mars. Watch for pushing too hard or taking the long, arduous route to your goals when uncomplicated may be much more beneficial. Aim to bring problem areas and harbored resentments out into the open rather than allow them to drive your behavior. Ferreting out the truth about a matter may be successful, but you may be better off thinking this through before confronting others, as your delivery may be raw right now, or you might act yourself whether you want to go there at all. Vulnerable relationships right now are friendships and family ones, but this is only temporary and can lead to greater understanding and the clearing of blocks ultimately. Be more vigilant than usual with your wallet and personal information to be on the safe side.

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