Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hold your tongue today as you are prone to saying something slightly hurtful if you are not careful. Show restraint in your comments and maintain your focus on the important things in life, like your relationships. It is important today to make sure you do not inflame anyone else with your own comments.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

Today you will feel like making a big announcement to your friends and family about a new development in your romantic life, but you should considering holding on to your news for a bit longer. If you announce your news today you may find that in the near future you have to retract it because plans have changed. Wait it out today and watch for changes to your plans.

Capricorn Daily Career Horoscope

Watch that temper of yours today! You are prone to flying off the handle at work today, which won`t do you any favours in the office. You could end up alienating your colleagues and superiors due to your foul temper which is harmful for your career. Maintain your focus on your goals, one of which is to maintain your professional relationships. Remember to not lose sight of the big picture today.

Capricorn Daily Finance Horoscope

A change in your place of residence is a possibility today. You are likely to move out of your old house and shift to a new one, or upgrade your flat to a house. All signs indicate that this is a favourable move, so you should enjoy the changes that are coming your way. You can welcome the change and look forward to a new life in your new surroundings. Take care of your possessions while you move.

Capricorn Daily Health Horoscope

You are going through a phase in which you are prone to accidents. This will just not be your day, so stay put at home and enjoy yourself. It’s better to be cautious than to flirt with danger. All signs indicate that you might get involved in a road accident today, despite your obeying all traffic laws. Just allow yourself to enjoy a day of rest and peace.


Author: vladislava

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