CAPRICORN WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – It’s a week of endings for you, Capricorn, and for this reason you may be emotional about it. But the vibes coming to you this week are all harmonious and pleasant. You have no reason at all to feel down in the mouth, although the start of the week is emotionally intense due to some Full Moon energy from last week carrying over. But none of this is bad, and you are in charge of all of the changes that are coming your way this week.

That is due to the fact that Pluto in your sign is going retrograde this week. This transit will last a few months for you and will lead to some significant changes. You are the one in charge of the changes over the next few months.

The week opens up with some Full Moon energy carrying over from last week, but only on a peripheral basis. You are feeling the emotions intensely, as you ponder what issues in your life you want to come to fulfillment. Universe is working on all of this behind the scenes, and your emotions could run the gamut on Monday with the Sagittarius Moon in your house of endings.

This could have you in deep reflection for the better part of the week, as you continue your focus on endings and beginnings.

Also on Monday, the dreamy love fest continues for you when Sun and Uranus link up happily in your house of pleasures. You are feeling creative and dreamy on the romantic front, and just want to have fun. And have fun you should! Enjoy this lively energy as you wrap up the week.

Come Tuesday, the Moon enters your sign and you are emotionally prepared and equipped to forge forward on those new chapters. You are excited about it too! Pluto is going retrograde in your sign by Wednesday. This is a wonderful time to activate some Self-care such as a new hair cut or a new spring wardrobe to magnify that little bounce in your step. Just do something new for your Self, and this will activate a powerful chain reaction with Universe.

By Saturday, it will be the little details in life that have you going, and the littlest things should be given attention. Warrior Mars is working with Neptune and channelling energy into your sixth house of details. Inspirations that you receive on Saturday about the little things in life will be Universe trying to point you in the direction of your soul’s purpose and life path. Pay attention!

The week wraps up with the Pisces Moon working your communication house. Use your feelings words and you stay on top of the changes that are on your wonderful way. Have a blessed week, Capricorn!

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