Daily Horoscope for Friday, November 29, 2019


The current disposition is going to bring a bit of adrenaline in your love life but for the rest you will be on your own so don’t be surprised if your intuition will get you into some sort of trouble later on.

At the same time you need to be careful because what is attractive and mysterious usually comes with some secrets attached.


Quite some agitation around you this Friday and it will probably be quite hard for you to hide your contentment on one hand and your disappointment on the other.

You love having people around and being all active but sometimes all this becomes too tiresome and not always a lot of company is good company and you tend to show this quite blatantly.


You need to watch your health today and this is the last warning you will probably get in this direction before things start going down hill.

So make sure you leave some time for yourself, to go for a check up, to relax and recharge your batteries. Don’t be afraid and stop living under the motto that what you don’t know can’t hurt you because in this case it does, regardless.


You are craving for safety and stability and despite you probably seeing this a sign that you need to work harder and make sure you provide for those dearest to you,

it is actually a sign that you should balance your time better and spend more of it with your family, enjoying small things. So take this in consideration this afternoon and the following weekend.


The current disposition is trying to bring you on track with certain things you might have missed for the last few days but this doesn’t mean you are too enthusiastic to follow up on that.

Maybe you are blatantly ignoring certain things or you are trying to ignore what you think can ruin some of the plans you’ve already made.


You are definitely not going to be a pleasing person today but at the same time you don’t seem to resume yourself to telling the truth and more you are also being bitter about it.

On one hand, it might make you feel better for yourself but on the other, you will probably end up regretting doing so when people start going away.


This Friday is going to bring you some answers but not necessarily in regard to some matters in which you might have expected them.

At the same time, the means by which these messages will be conveyed are going to be if not suspect, surely surprising. You need to have a bit of faith and understand that this is still valuable information.


You are going to be very proud of yourself and of someone close this Friday and you will probably have enough reasons for that.

Meanwhile you also seem focused on your feelings and maybe this new openness of yours will help you not only come to peace with some turbulent aspects in your life but also with those around.


You are trying to maintain your cool but certain things today pose a great risk for you to snap and say or do things that you will eventually regret.

Try to be more diplomatic and not take everything literally and also understand that certain things, although they might seem final and decisive at the moment, are still prone to changes.


This Friday will be a great teacher for you but only if you are open enough to receive its lessons. Maybe you are also trying too much in certain directions and not enough in others and maybe this day is all about balancing your effort.

Be sure that there will be someone there close to you to help you learn this lesson.


You need to imagine how it would be if you would be all by yourself, with no support and no one to really talk to.

And only then you will understand that those around are very precious and you shouldn’t take them for granted as you seem to be doing at the moment. Try to discuss this with yourself without any other intervention first.


You seem to be quite in tune with your tasks today and this not only means you will get over with them quite fast but it also suggests that with a little bit of will power you will manage to clear off some things from next week’s schedule as well.

This announces to be a great day for information so make sure you use your sources wisely.

Author: vladislava

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