Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 2, 2019


Dreams and a lot of things that you considered long buried in your mind and soul are going to be somewhat surfaced today and a whole surge of emotions is going to take hold of you.

You can try to avoid them and risk being absent minded all day or you can embrace them, make this some sort of nostalgic day and remember what needs to be remembered.


This is going to be a tricky disposition to navigate for you as it seems some of your fears might come true or at least some sort of secret or something you’ve been trying to keep hidden threatens to surface.

It is entirely up to you whether you spend your day worrying incessantly or try to accept that those are still things that represent you and accept them.


It’s going to be a bit of a difficult day today with all the tasks you might have to solve but also with your mind wondering somewhere else.

This is a day of love for some natives but also a day of storm and released passion for others so everyone will probably feel how charged the atmosphere is and feel as if they need to express themselves.


This Monday is going to bring you a totally different array of feelings to experience and for some natives even things are going to go as far as to change their opinions on several things or determine them to take actions they never thought they would.

This might also be a great day to communicate openly and show exactly what you want.


The current disposition is offering you a lot of fun occasions to relax but you will still have to make room in your life for them.

In regard to your job, you either postpone a series of tasks and assume the risk of them catching up with you eventually or you gather all your focus and get over with them a lot faster than you would in general.


It seems that this Monday is going to require a lot of adaptability from you as some sort of changing circumstances are going to hit you right where it hurts you more.

So have some time with yourself and think of the areas in your life that are sensible for you at the moment and think of what defines stability in them so you can be somewhat prepared for what is next.


You are going to have to be very careful with the way you are planning your activities this Monday, especially those in which you are somewhat connected to others.

It is also going to be very difficult to manage if your intentions are not all pure because you won’t really be able to manipulate things in the direction you would like to.


The word of advice for you today would be not to commit to anything you aren’t really sure about and to censor as much as you can from those controlling tendencies you sometimes have.

There might be some things you can fix or ameliorate but there are also many others that are independent of your will and that you can’t program.


You need to get going and start working for once or otherwise all those prospects you are so happily waiting for are going to make themselves delayed even more than they already are or even more than you would like them to.

Also, make sure you don’t promise something that you cannot deliver because it will really impact your reputation.


You are expansive in a lot of areas in your life but at the same time you don’t seem to maintain a straight or normal line in these well wanted developments of yours.

What you need to understand is that, the more you are trying to skip stages and reach conclusions faster than you should, the more difficult it’s going to be.


Eloquence is going to be your main weapon today but at the same time there might be some things you are overlooking so I would advise you to stick closer to someone who is careful about details.

They might help you get out of a sensible situation or they might show you another path you didn’t see, all to interesting results.


You seem to be working hard toward gaining a little bit more reputation or popularity in your area of choice and some natives are falling exactly on the right path, charming people one step at a time.

However, there might be others that are struggling because they cannot really find their right audience and this might disappoint them for a while until they figure things out.

Author: vladislava

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