Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Quite an indulging day ahead of you, regardless if you’re done with work or not. You tend to be more careful with the way you look and the way you interact with others.

At the same time people seem to enjoy your company and this will only give further wings to this attitude you are now embracing more and more.


You might feel as if you can do whatever you want just because you show a lot of confidence but in some regards this is not going to be the case for you this Tuesday.

Needless to say that when this occurs you won’t really know how to react and succumbing to your impulses apparently will only make things worse and harder to explain.


It’s going to be a bit of a difficult day today with all the tasks you might have to solve but also with your mind wondering somewhere else.

This is a day of love for some natives but also a day of storm and released passion for others so everyone will probably feel how charged the atmosphere is and feel as if they need to express themselves.


You seem to maintain your path regardless of the hardships and this will not only bring you the recognition and respect of those around but will also bring you one step closer to your goals.

Unfortunately, there might be some people close, including your partner that might not see with such good eyes this advancement of yours.


There might be some legal implications to something you’ve done, planning on doing or maybe something you’ve signed or a contract you are preparing and this will probably be one of the main points of focus for your Tuesday.

At the same time you need to be aware that the more you postpone certain things, the more difficult it will be to keep up with the changes.


Correctitude and responsibility should be the motto for your Tuesday if you want to stay out of trouble because even the smallest step you take sideways risks putting you in sensible situations.

So you’d better play by the rules, not only professionally but also in your personal life as your friends are going to be your biggest critics today.


Today you might be forced to take some quick and serious decisions if you don’t want to regret certain actions later on.

You could involve your family but in some regards you’d be better off dealing with them by yourself so you are sure of the decision you make. However, a bit of consultation beforehand might not be a bad idea after all.


You know that you sometimes need to fail to raise higher towards success, do you? This is kind of how this Tuesday will be for you so don’t be surprised that in this sweet moment you will be faced with some roadblocks that might not appear so easy to handle.

You need to put special care into any messages you convey, especially those of legal nature.


Mind your impulses today or else you will have a lot of explaining to do later on, probably in a moment when you’d rather do anything else but explain.

At the same time, it seems there is a bit of unfinished business that it is time for you to finally take care of and this might not only come as a surprise but also occupy more time than you’d expect.


There are things you need to learn before you can advance further from the place you are now, whether we are talking about your professional life, your social or sentimental life.

At the same time, you risk pointing some bitter words towards a person who doesn’t really deserve them and this might create a newly found enemy for you.


This day marks some new beginnings for you, for some natives more important than for some others but indeed novelty for everyone.

However, don’t be too impatient about it because, as it usually happens with new things, there is going to be a period of accommodation and in your case this might function as some sort of test.


This day seems to prompt you to take to light some things that are holding you back, be it that you just express them to yourself and pledge not to think of them or you share them to someone close as trying to convince yourself there aren’t even that important.

But be careful, because the reaction you get might be different from what you expect.

Author: vladislava

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