Daily Horoscope – Friday, November 8, 2019


You might want to keep a low profile in terms of planning this Friday and not waste your time thinking about the following week because this day still seems to have some things to show you.

And you might want to take the whole picture in consideration, all advancements and postponments when you plan your calendar for next week.


You might want to count more on yourself and less on others this day if you don’t want to be left broken hearted or in the middle of work.

So whatever promise you were forced to ask for and that wasn’t offered at that person’s own intention, you might want to disregard. Also be very careful with any kind of paperwork you are completing at the moment.


The current disposition is going to be kind with opportunities for you but you are also demanded to make some changes.

There might be something involving long travel and educational purposes so make sure you are in tune with these areas of your life. It might not be a bad idea to involve your partner in your search as well.


Some sort of revelation will keep you thinking and strain your thoughts at maximum today. Whether it is something about work or involving your personal life,

something you discovered or something that has been brought to your attention by someone else; be sure it will create a bit of turbulence in yourself but don’t expect those around you to reciprocate.


You are expansive and would like to receive the same this Friday but maybe not everything is aligned for that yet so you need to show patience.

You might feel this new urge to move things also because you feel you are popular and charming at the moment in your circle and you want to take advantage of that as long as it lasts.


The current disposition not only will blatantly throw your attention towards your health but will also make sure you understand the message.

For those who are in tune with their bodies this might only mean very small changes but those who know they are at fault of neglecting theirs, might want to seek cover and expect a bit of pain or so.


This Friday will probably get on your nerves for moving way too slow for your taste and you might risk falling in the other extreme and try to hurry things unnecessarily.

Some of those activities should indeed move faster but this is just how it goes and you can’t really force everything and everyone around you at your own whim.


The current disposition will probably help you find solutions to practical matters really quick and you will somehow shine while at work.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said when turning towards family issues and you might feel today as if you are from another planet compared to those close to you. Try to stay as quiet as you can this day then.


You are going to evidence yourself with a lot of intuition today and your ideas will probably be appreciated and stand out but only if you find yourself the courage to talk about them.

Unlike your usual self, it seems that today, the greater the idea seems, the more riddled with doubt and fearful to talk about it you will be.


You will have to admit your faults and just move on without dwelling too much today because things risk to go ahead of you if you don’t keep up with them.

So whatever intervenes, just deal with it on the spot and then move on. This is not one of those days where you can put an imaginary pause on the life track and let your mind fly freely.


Good intentions are sometimes overrated and you amongst all should know about that, so you have some sort of free pass to be selfish and mind your own work today.

This doesn’t however entitle you to behave poorly to others so just be as polite as you can but then return to your own and no one will incur any troubles for the day.


It is going to be quite difficult for you to promote your interests and your activities to others and it will be even harder for you to accept that others are not as excited as you are about those things.

You might want to leave things as they are at the moment and not risk appearing too uptight or desperate because one of the parts will eventually come to their senses.

Author: vladislava

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