Daily Horoscope – Saturday, December 7, 2019


This Saturday seems to form an interesting alliance in your life but at the same time there are still things you need to solve on your own so don’t be surprised if the circumstances demand this of you.

There might be a chance for you to build something solid, something practical and dependable but you still need to choose your area of interest.


You have quite a strict schedule and it seems you want to maintain it during the weekend.

This isn’t like you want to work the whole time or so but more you want to implement a schedule with designed hours for rest and activity so you are sure you make the best of your day. Try to stick to the rules you decide in the morning.


Your friends are going to really complicate this day if you don’t gift them a bit of your time at least. So instead of wasting time finding excuses and then negotiating the terms of the next outing, why not go out today and get over with.

Who knows, you might even enjoy it. You will get the peace of mind you crave for later on.


You risk breaking a friendship or getting away from someone close today if you don’t let your emotions aside and focus on exactly what’s been told rather than on what you imagine was told.

You are quite sensible to harsh words today and the risk is that you will prefer to be resentful rather than forgive even when people realize they shouldn’t have spoken like that to you.


Quite a passionate Saturday for you but only if you play your cards right, which means little drama and no exaggerations at all.

If you want something just demand it openly and not engage in some sort of childish game for it. If you heart beats in a certain direction be sure you can’t fool it so don’t try to pretend otherwise.


You need to be patient and understanding with those around you today, especially with your partner. Although what they have to say might sound stupid to you, eventually you will realize that those are their feelings and you shouldn’t have any expectations at all.

Be just as tolerant with their emotions as they are with yours.


You need to stay on track with several activities today and despite this being a Saturday you won’t really have time for relaxation or delay anything.

Despite you wanting and even asking for help, you might have a hard time finding someone to answer you, even people in your own family so don’t get your hopes too high.


There is a subject that has posed a great interest for you lately and it seems you want to go deeper on that and this Saturday might be the perfect time to do so.

On the other hand, there might be things others are demanding of you so don’t be surprised if you have more than one thing and more than your own pleasures to accommodate today.


You appear to be quite tolerant and friendly this Saturday and people might take this the wrong way and even try to take advantage of you.

In the end it will only depend on your reaction and on the way you see things. You can either show them the door or provide some help just to feel good about yourself but there is no need to say yes entirely.


This beginning of the week seems to pertain to some sort of travel plans or even a small trip, not necessarily the usual one for groceries.

So make room in your mind for a bit of fun or some sort of entertaining experience because the more open you are to these things, the more interesting this day will appear to you.


You don’t really want to make any compromises this day and you seem to use all the weapons you have available to try and prevent that.

You might find it hard at the beginning but as time progresses you will feel it becomes easier and easier. However, try not to appear too cruel if you refuse certain things to certain people close to you.


You might find it hard to rekindle some relationship today and you will probably have to work harder than usual to make yourself remarked.

Regardless whether you’ve done something wrong and now you repent or you were the one to turn a cold shoulder, be sure you will have to work your way to the heart of the desired person.

Author: vladislava

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