Daily Horoscope – Saturday, November 30, 2019


You need not imagine that you can keep a schedule today because this is not going to happen. However, don’t think that your plans are going to be ruined by some sort of troubles because this is not the case.

You will most likely change them at your own discretion but because of some pieces of information you might directly receive or come across.


Quite passionate about a lot of things you are at the moment but you are strongly advised to follow just one at a time, especially this Saturday.

So make your choice and stick with it. It wouldn’t mind if you could involve your partner as well as this is a great occasion for your two to discover something new about each other.


You are going to be terribly disappointed today if you are hanging on someone else’s plans because chances are this might not become real.

So try to have some sort of back up plan or simply mind your own activities this Saturday. This is a great day for romantic endeavors so why not go in this direction for some time.


You are trying to promote an idea of yours or maybe trying to convince someone to listen to your advice and this will surely prove tiresome.

Whether this is all that is troubling you or there is something more that has been adding up, make sure you make room for rest this day and look after yourself as well. Try to practice what you preach to be more convincing.


There is someone close to you who is a bit playing with your emotions, trying to keep you either high or low and you don’t really seem to realize it, despite maybe others telling you about this.

Maybe it’s time you face this on your own and try to extract your own opinion, but be careful not to be manipulated once again.


Certain family issues might come to surface this Saturday so this will definitely not be a free time spent pleasurably.

While your first impulse might be to leave everything aside and hide until it goes away, you should be informed that this will surely not help and it seems that you will still be forced to face things directly so why not do it now and get over with.


You need to be careful this weekend as no one really carries the best intentions, no matter how close you think they and what is between you.

The more you seem to trust someone, the more the current disposition is set to show you that the world is a cruel place and you need not be so naive or trusting in certain aspects.


Your love life will be a bit shook this weekend by some sort of quarrel started on a practical matter, most likely finances, either the loss or gain of them.

So don’t be surprised if, despite everything going great for you two, some sort of frivolous motive is going to bring real storm clouds on the sky of your so wonderful relationship.


You seem to put a lot of soul and effort in what you have planned for the weekend and for sure you are going to snap if things don’t go according to plan.

Unfortunately for you, this is exactly what will happen and certain road blocks are going to delay a bit of your perfect plan. Of course you can sweeten up things adding some patience but is not going to hold forever.


You seem to be prepared for an important step, maybe some sort of investment or similar but at the same time you have gathered quite a few doubts that you need to handle before you feel at peace with your decision and move on.

This is why this Saturday you will have to fight your insecurities and you will have to do so on your own.


There might be some measures you will be forced to take this Saturday in order to prevent disappointment, either your own or of someone you care dearly for.

Be it that you are hiding something or trying to depict things in a different manner, be sure that as long as your intentions are good you will have a bit of help.


You need to be more careful in terms of communications and make sure you send messages to the right place because chances are you might mix things a bit and it won’t be pretty, especially if you are trying to keep things separately in your life.

So address to the right person and also, try not to keep so many secrets going at once.

Author: vladislava

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