Daily Horoscope – Saturday, November 9, 2019


This is going to be quite a nostalgic Saturday for you as things from the past have a chance of surfacing today.

Lucky for you, we are talking more about nice memories and some ideas you long considered forgotten rather than unpleasant events or mistakes. So dwell in your memories but don’t forget that they are in your life for a reason.


Interesting prospects career wise for you, although this being a Saturday, so make sure you answer your phone whenever it is ringing.

The more your activities are freelance the greater surprises there might be this day so be sure to jump right in. If the prospective work doesn’t sound too good at first glance, make sure you ask for enough details.


You seem to put all your effort towards a personal endeavor this Saturday and I am sure that you have plenty of motivation.

However, you don’t seem to be staying too good at the effort chapter and it seems you prefer to go round anything that involves too much work, attitude which will not bring you all the expected results.


You are quite enthusiastic this Saturday but there might be some challenges on the way that will definitely take that smile off your face.

There might be some last minute changes that you so much hate or people letting you down on something that they’ve promised a long time ago. Hold your grudge and regroup because there isn’t anything else you can do.


Not a great day in terms of money but you know what they say, lucky in love, unlucky with money so you might want to search for your accomplishment and happiness elsewhere this Saturday.

This might be a great occasion to turn towards your partner and spend an agreeable day with them, someplace they like.


You are going to have to be very careful with your arguments this day because not only you put too much passion in what you say but you also tend to bend the truth and you might be easily caught and then put in a sensible position.

So make sure you abide by the facts and only embellish things that are personal if you really have to.


This is going to be quite a difficult Saturday because probably not all your expectations will be met and you will somehow have to deal with what you do get.

There might be time for some sort of compromise and at the same time a lot more care is asked for in some of your relations if you want to keep the connection alive.


The current disposition is going to play some contradictory moves on you this Saturday so you will probably have to search deeper for comfort and stability if this is what you crave for this weekend.

Some things might appear at the tip of your fingers but in reality there is a lot more trouble announced on the way before dawn.


Some interesting perspectives this Saturday and some chances for you to embark on but only if you are open enough and you will probably have to prove this on different occasions before things can move forward.

However, be cautious when it comes to changes that cannot be easily undone because this is where you risk gathering regrets.


Quite an agitated Saturday for you as you continue to worry about your finances but at the same time seem to be too lazy to do anything about this following this complaining.

There is a lot of information going about but you can’t seem to put a grip on what is important for you and instead prefer to see everything more complicated than it is.


You are going to be quite impulsive today and this doesn’t necessarily mean a big thing as long as it takes you places and you feel on top of everything.

There are certain activities that have the prospects of making you feel very good about yourself and in general make you feel accomplished and you just have to find them.


You should take a closer look to whatever is a passion for you today because these are the areas where something interesting might show up today.

So take things one step further and look for the results. This is also a great day if you have any planning to do or need to insist to others on some matter to finally start moving.

Author: vladislava

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