Daily Horoscope – Thursday, November 21, 2019


The current disposition will allow you some concessions at home and you will probably get what you want, it will also help if you have the right arguments.

However, don’t get too engulfed in this momentary luck because it will be over before you know and it doesn’t account for too many things granted as well so be wise in your choice.


Quite a charming day for you, in terms of ideas and the beauty you notice in others because you will definitely not be so charming, no matter how much you try.

There is something a bit sharp about you today and it will be very hard to leave it aside. However, you can sweeten up things with what you say and just expect it to pass.


Be careful how you handle the tendencies of those in your family today, especially in terms of money because they might either overspend or be overly cautious with them, depending on what is annoying you most about them at the moment.

Don’t lose your temper and maybe try showing your dismay in a diplomatic way.


Quite an irritable Thursday for you as nothing seems to go your way or at least this is how dark you see everything.

Maybe you expect too much of yourself or others or maybe you are having a really bad day, in any case, what’s the point it stressing out more than it is necessary. Find your inner peace because this is our challenge today.


This is not going to be an ordinary Thursday for you in terms of relationships, especially with the elderly, so who knows what interesting or unexpected things you will be revealed by someone of age.

For some natives this might translate with some sort of inheritance dealings but for others just a wide array of knowledge and wisdom.


Be careful when joining a group today as you might go a bit overboard, without even realizing it. You may expect people to like you but you can’t coerce them into that.

There might be competition and there might be a bit of the unexpected and there is no need for you to be overconfident but at the same time it doesn’t mean you must be all fearful either.


Interesting social outcomes for you but you will kind of have to fight for that. So don’t expect for everyone to love you the second they meet you for your exceptional self.

Give them something and you will see what you get in return. You are interested in being popular but you should at first be interested in being yourself.


Quite an animated day for you as the current disposition brings you a lot of things to do but you also seem to greet them with quite an enthusiastic cheer.

So keep this mood high for the rest of the day and you will notice some interesting good karma towards you, maybe in regard to something you’ve long wanted to accomplish.


Quite a shaking day this Thursday is going to be for you and this will probably translate into some troubles and last minute changes.

Account for those, despite not knowing where they will hit and just leave some time aside to deal with the unexpected and you will be just fine. So be wise in preparing your expectations for the day.


Some compulsory purchases are going to trouble you a bit this Thursday and some will be because of you while others will have little to do with you, maybe some taxes you’ve kept postponing to pay.

On the other hand you would rather succumb to a dreamy state so you will probably have to fight these tendencies as well.


You’re somewhat dreaming for a new start but this is only a flight reaction for you because maybe you don’t want to face certain facts or something you have created.

At the same time you prefer to keep a low profile even in the areas that you are proud of and this won’t certainly help you raise your mood and confidence back.


Some interesting ideas you have there but you surely lack the means to put them in practice. So how do you react to that?

You can either leave them aside and be all frustrated about it or try to connect with people who can help you make your dreams come true. However, you will need to leave your critical spirit out for that.

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