Gemini Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 2, 2019

Being left by yourself can make you apprehensive as communication is your lifeline to sanity. Although you do fluctuate between ‘wanting to have fun’ and ‘becoming serious about life’, you enjoy having people around you. The Moon in Capricorn today, will make you pleased with life and you will look for some new kind of excitement with your friends or loved ones. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your friends love you for your witty and humorous nature. Routine work bores you and it is great to do something different once in a while. You must avoid wearing anything blue in colour and the time between 11:00 am and 12:00pm will prove lucky for you.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope

Today you will find that you are stepping up your level of intimacy with someone you are involved with. Maybe it seemed like a casual relationship before, but today it turns serious. Time to stop daydreaming about other perfect partners as the one who is in front of you is much of what you have been looking for. Give them the acknowledgement and respect they deserve.

Gemini Daily Career Horoscope

If you are self-employed it is highly likely that today you will receive an intriguing offer to do a new project based overseas. This is just the opportunity you have been looking for to realize your goals. Do give it your best. This may even be an entirely new venue for your products or services, but would likely be a very interesting and lucrative expansion of your business. Go for it!

Gemini Daily Finance Horoscope

Financial news coming your way today is generally positive. This is a day to think about your overall financial strategy and develop a long-term budget. Planetary positions indicate that your linkages with people and organizations from afar could bring you great benefit if pursued at this time. Don`t be afraid to go for your financial goals; actions taken now can bring you success in the future.

Gemini Daily Health Horoscope

If you drive a car or are a motorcycle rider, then be cautious and careful about your driving. Today is a day when accidents are indicated, so be alert and defensive on the road. Minor bumps and crashes can be avoided just as long as you pay close attention to what you are doing, as well as what others around you are doing. Also, don`t spend too much time outside as sunburns are likely.

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