GEMINI WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – You are getting a bit of a breather week, Gemini, and this week you just want to focus on action plans. You are coming off of a Full Moon week, and that energy carries into this week early in the week. You are working on putting the finishing touches of a chapter you want to desperately close up, and it’s working in your favor this week.

Monday you may find that you are putting those little touches on, and are feeling optimistic and confident about it all under the Sagittarius Moon. You should be focusing on wrapping things up, and waiting until those come to completion or fulfillment until starting new projects or initiatives.

You also have a Sun and Uranus conjunction working your house of endings on Monday. Embrace this confidence but don’t take it too far, which is easy for you. Expect the unexpected!

The remainder of the week is fairly easy, breezy, and beautiful for you. More lucky energy comes in on Wednesday when Pluto goes retrograde in your house of shared resources. Time to take care of some past business related to secrets, finances, and karma. Good news may find you that has you feeling lucky about a particular situation over the next few months.

Or, you may stumble across some information that has you feeling good about an element in your life you are trying to improve.

By Saturday, Mars in your sign and Neptune bring a dreamy air into the picture, picking up your emotional center. This is working your house of Self and you are feeling creative about a major issue coming to fulfillment.

This is not the best transit for decision making, so just use this energy to dream, and dream big. Spiritual work is also favored. There are important messages in those dreams that you can follow up at a later date when Universe sends the message that the time is right. Wrapping up the week with some creative vision is never a terrible thing. Embrace this power. Have a blessed week, Gemini!

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