Horoscope – Monday, November 11, 2019


You seem to put a lot of soul in what you are doing today but at the same time this will also make you more prone to disappointment than usual and might even surface some emotional reactions you don’t usually exhibit.

So be careful around things you care way too much for and don’t let yourself beat down by small changes.


Some interesting dreams regarding your working plan might arise today but it seems that despite you wanting to tackle those on your own, it would be best to involve friends or close acquaintances in the game as well.

This is a great time for networking for you so why not take advantage of such a disposition and just connect.


Some past gestures or small events might have left some deep scars that you are not really aware of and that will somehow surface this beginning of the week.

There might be things you haven’t thought of for a while or maybe never or something that has happened recently and on which you didn’t put so much price at the moment.



Quite nostalgic of you today, maybe thinking about your youth or if you are still young enough, reminiscing care free times you’ve had in the past.

This is a great day to use for educational purposes, regardless of your age or occupation at the moment so why not do something that might enrich your knowledge regarding a certain subject.


You seem to work on worst case scenarios this Monday and prefer to put the worst ahead. On one side this will probably help you avoid impulse choices and keep your feet on the ground.

But on the other side, it also makes you prone to quick disappointment and a general feeling of discomfort and frustration for what you have to do.


The current disposition will motivate you to action but it doesn’t seem to reach you where it should or move things at work but more will get you into a bit of trouble sentimentally.

So be prepared for some unexpected explanations you will have to give or some awkward moments with someone you are attracted to.


This is going to be quite a contradictory beginning of the week for you as it seems there are some grudges that are keeping you aside from accomplishing what you have in mind for this day.

Either you are the one making up all kinds of scenarios or there are other people in your life that are keeping you on the spot on purpose.


You need to be a lot more careful about the things you buy this Monday because in regard to some of you might not need them while others might not prove to be such a great investment.

Read all the small print on any package or contract of services you are planning on signing today and make sure all your questions are answered.


You risk loosing your focus quite a lot today and it isn’t like you have something on your mind but more that you don’t really know what to do next and don’t feel confident enough to make decisions on the spot.

There might be some things that you can check with others but also some that you will need to sort out yourself.


This week will catch you in quite a temperamental mood, especially as some of the natives are close to their birthdays and are all of a sudden a lot more emotional.

You present the courage of your convictions but at the same time you seem stuck on the spot and prefer to just think of a million things rather than action.


Quite some realistic expectations you have there for this day, whether you acknowledge this entirely or not.

This probably translates into you being all grounded in most of your activities and even choosing the safe way instead of risking all in as you’d might otherwise do. Let’s hope this sticks with you for longer than just this Monday.


Quite a secretive day ahead for some natives who might have to keep their whereabouts in a mist or at least pretend they are keeping certain appearances.

For some, this might be a fun game while others might feel as if they are not free enough. As for the rest who are brave to face any consequences and be who they are, they will simply go about with their day.

Author: vladislava

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