Horoscope – Monday, November 18, 2019


There are certain signs that you might want to be attentive to this Monday and certain other actions that you should do, like mind your own business and be sure you resolve all the tasks for the day.

Make sure you stick to the usual lines and there won’t be any worries for you, otherwise some confrontations might occur.


Stick to previous plans and don’t pretend to be a great innovator at the moment because past and proven experiences are better than assumptions for you now.

There are many things you can play with available but you really need to discern which of them have long term consequences and which don’t so you know what to choose.


You are a bit more critical than you should or than you are entitled to be and people around you will soon notice that.

This will only make things harder for you and despite the fact that they might be all smiles and polite, some sort of vengeance will be prepared and you risk getting caught off guard and not know what hit you.


You seem to be unusually impulsive today and this might be explained by this sudden need of yours to make yourself remarked or at least show to some people what you are capable of.

It is going to be quite a heavy atmosphere around you because of that as not everyone will allow you to behave as you wish and there might be some ego clashes along the way.


Some interesting proposals might arrive today through someone close and they can either concern your personal life or work, in both cases, there is something that has long term consequences and that you need to think through carefully.

Other than that, a surprisingly peaceful beginning of the week for you as you are also trying to find ways to relax.


An open context around you in certain regards and people seem to wait for your opinion. In some cases you will be more than happy to deliver that while in other cases you are either not sure or don’t know completely what you think just yet.

The advice for you is to not let yourself pressured into saying anything that you don’t really want to say.


It seems like you start this week under a great mood and the more enticed you are about trying to make the best of this time.

However, you should not fall in the other extreme and try to do whatever it takes to feel you are living differently or to feel as if time spent is worth. There are many things that can make you feel good about yourself beside this.


Certain discussions today or even decisions that are being taken above you will tend to change the way you see or do certain things and you might not find it that easy to accommodate to that.

On the other side, there might be some practical issues that you will have to tend to and they will probably take your mind off complaining.


You might be searching for ways to be more efficient but maybe at the moment it is not your fault things are moving so slowly.

This doesn’t however mean that you should blame others but it does mean that you need to let things go in certain regards and just expect the results when they are ready which is when the time is right.


You are trying to hide some vulnerabilities this Monday, either of yours or of someone close. If it’s the first case then be careful because people might be more aware of these things than you can imagine.

If you are in the second scenario you are probably being quite thoughtful and caring and no one will blame you for that.


Quite a magnetic day for you this beginning of the week but at the same time don’t let your guard down because no matter how charming you are or how much people are smiling at you,

there will always be something that is missing or something for which you can show responsibility and others will be the first to blame you.


You are generous and thoughtful this Monday even with people you are not very fond of and this will probably show a lot of diplomacy and wisdom from your side.

Not only will this help you feel good about yourself and brighten your day but might also make you remarked by someone you wouldn’t really expect in such a situation.

Author: vladislava

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