Leo Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 2, 2019

Being the centre of attraction gives you your necessary dosage of ‘high’ and satisfaction. But if you see someone making bad decisions, your ‘lion heart’ can really melt and you would want to reach out and help them. Doing that is equivalent to praying for you. The Moon in Capricorn today, will make you want to connect with your loved ones who are in need of such help. This will work as a panacea for your ego. Those of you wanting to de-stress today should go have some fun. A little bit of party, some dancing or singing is the ideal detox for you. Number 2 is lucky for you, say astrologers at Astroyogi. 4.25 pm to 6.45 pm is the luckiest time of the day for you.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Today the name of the game for you in the world of romance will be forgiveness. You will finally realize that holding onto past grudges is only imprisoning you, not the person you have been angry at. Let your resentment go once-and-for-all and you will find that you open your life to new love and happiness once again.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

Today you are likely to hear some good news from abroad or be offered an opportunity to travel abroad for work. This journey may be brief, but its impact on your career may be large and beneficial. Pack your best suits because you will be in a position to impress. Keep those business cards handy and be liberal about handing them out! These efforts will bring you financial gains in due time.

Leo Daily Finance Horoscope

If you work in the field of imports and exports you will find that today will be beneficial to you and your work will blossom. You will sign a number of new contracts. Ventures associated with overseas parties are indicated today and would be successful if pursued. The foreign element in your business becomes all-important. Explore all your options for expanding the reach of your company.

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

You are advised not to drive today, especially if you drive an open-top vehicle. This is a day when avoidable accidents, especially for those who are on the road or are driving, are highly indicated. Use your seat belt while in the car and wear a helmet while driving a two wheeler throughout the day.

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