LEO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – There aren’t many big transits from Universe this week, Leo, but you are coming into this week with some big energy and big ideas. You’ll be able to use the trickle effect from last week’s Full Moon to close up some big chapters this week. Pluto is turning retrograde in Capricorn this week in a transit that will last a few months. So change is heavily on your mind for a little while. You begin the week feeling confident and maybe even a little lucky! That’s never a bad thing for Leo!

On Monday you have some lucky vibes coming your way courtesy of a Sun and Uranus link up in your career house. This has you thinking long and far into the future. Follow that confidence! And the inspiration. It’s very possible that you can’t get your mind off of someone or something, do something about that. These are not pie in the sky dreams here.

Also on Monday, you may be getting your flirt on with that someone under the Sagittarius Moon. This transit is working your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. You are feeling fun and giddy, and want to use that spark on someone special. Do it! They are waiting, Leo.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday, your energy feels a little more realistic and practical, but you still should be pursuing opportunities arriving on Wednesday. You are just getting more realistic and practical about the details to manifest these miracles. The Moon in Capricorn working your sixth house of details and health will help you to fine-tune those things. These are just practical matters, they can and will be resolved. Both parties are willing as well, in case you are wondering.

On Wednesday, Pluto is turning retrograde in this house and work will be on your mind for a few months. You are making little changes that impact the big picture, and it feels good for you.

As the week wraps up, a Mars and Neptune square on Saturday has your inner creative vision coming out. Pay attention to the cues and clues in your dreams right now, Leo, there are some important messages there. Some soul time can help today. It’s a lovely and loving way to wrap up the week. Have a blessed week, Leo!

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