Leo Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

This week might be a competent and confident week for you. However, around the midweek, you are likely to face some confusion and mental stress, but as the day passes, you may be at peace with yourself. There may be some problems regarding your finances, and you may not have clarity about it, but losses are unlikely to occur. You might enjoy short trips and may benefit from them, especially if they are business-related. You might gain from your siblings. The atmosphere at home is likely to be pleasant. This might not be a good week for people in love. If you wish to propose to someone about your feelings, you might want to avoid doing so during this phase as the response may not be as desired. During this phase, your children, if any, may be distant, and you may not be able to relate to their needs.

Leo Weekly Love And Relationship

Love and relationships are not going to be a priority this week. You may feel aloof, and both of you may prefer to maintain a distance. There may not be much to share emotionally, mentally, or intellectually. This is an excellent time to give enough space to each other. If you are going to propose to your special someone, avoid doing it this week. You are likely to get a negative reply.

Leo Weekly Health And Well Being

Some health issues are likely to occur this week, but nothing too serious or chronic to worry about. It may be safe not to neglect any medical issues. If you have any medical condition, get yourself checked and follow the given medical advice to the point. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and routine. Regular exercises and a healthy diet may be of great help. You may have to relax and not take undue mental stress and especially around the 17th to the 19th of November. On the whole, there won’t be any major health issues this week.

Leo Weekly Career And Business

It might be a good and steady week for your career and business. Those of you who are in marketing may do well. You may plan to expand your business. Though immediate profits may be a cause of concern, in the longer run, you may benefit. No significant losses are indicated this week. Finances may get slightly delayed, and cash flow may be a cause of concern, but you might manage well. Workers may cooperate. This is a good week for business and career if you manage your cash flow well.

Leo Weekly Money And Finances

No major losses or expenses are indicated. But cash flow and finances may be a cause of concern. Be careful about lending money, especially to your friends. This week, investments may not grow as expected, and financially, things may be slow. The availability of liquid funds may be an issue for you. Long term and risk-free investments like bonds and fixed deposits will prove favourable for you. Not a good week for speculation.

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