Libra Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 2, 2019

You always like to be balanced in your approach towards any of life’s queries. It is your intuition which helps you to differentiate between the right and wrong. The Moon in Capricorn today, will sharpen your intuition and help you make the right choice for a loved one while avoiding a conflict. It will help you discover a middle path such that both parties are satisfied with the result. Resolving problems gives you mental peace and an inner fulfilment. While making your decision though, do not dilly-dally so much because you then use up so much of your emotion. Wear something in green to attract good luck. 3 pm to 6 pm is your lucky time.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope

Today you need to understand the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. You are prone to being aggressive today, so you need to moderate your reactions to others. Being assertive may get you what you want, but being aggressive may get you the opposite. Choose wisely today!

Libra Daily Career Horoscope

Today may bring good news to you from afar, especially if you are a student applying for admissions or a scholarship abroad or if you are a professional looking to gain employment overseas. Do look at this option seriously before taking any major step or decision. Studies for students continue to proceed well today and the focus is on your academics, right where it needs to be.

Libra Daily Finance Horoscope

Today you may find that someone in a post overseas brings you some sort of financial benefit and some recognition. This is all a result of your hard work and is something that has been long due. This may be a result of some clever networking you did recently, or may come directly from your boss. Your excellent work has not gone unnoticed. Be gracious and this reward will serve you well.

Libra Daily Health Horoscope

Small hazards to your health and safety are indicated today. These include tripping, falling and other small accidents that could result in a head injury. Be mindful of where you are walking and how you place your feet so that you avoid such minor hazards and problems. Be careful while walking on uneven terrain today. Weight related issues are not likely to bother you as you have a proper diet.

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