LIBRA WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – It’s an easy, breezy, beautiful Spring week for you, Libra. Or lovely Autumn week depending on what part of the world you are in. Regardless, you have a lucky and lively little bounce to your step this week, and are feeling good about all things in your world. You also still have some change energy to play with this week, and begin the week bringing some big matters to fulfillment. And it feels good!

This intense emotional tide is going to have you feeling good about what you are putting behind you. You might just be cleaning your plate at the start of the week, or you may be saying goodbye to things no longer serving you. Either way, you are enjoying it, and you may even see some financial gains from your closures this week.

You are feeling good about everything on Monday courtesy of a Sun and Uranus conjunction in your house of secrets. Your inspirations are matched by luck, so follow the big ideas that come your way. Love could feel very lucky on Monday as well!

Come Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon is working your home sector, and this is accompanied by Pluto going retrograde in your home sector in your fourth house of foundations. You are going to see some powerful and positive changes on the home front for the next few months.

By Saturday, warrior Mars and dreamy Neptune link up in your ninth house of long-distance matters. Your mind could be wandering far, and wherever your intuition takes you is aligned with your life path on Wednesday. Adding Mars to the mix adds some interesting opportunities for you that you don’t want to say no to.

The Pisces Moon wraps up the week having you feeling good and cozy in your work sector. The little things matter and you know who matters to you as well.

Listen to the messages in your dreams as they are definitely telling you something! It’s a loving and gentle way to wrap up the week, and you finish this week feeling good. Have a blessed week, Libra!

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