Libra Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

Your health might be better than usual, but you are likely to have complaints regarding seasonal ailments. You may have to be hospitalized due to gastric problems, acidity, vomiting if you fail to take due care in due time. In terms of your personal life, you will enjoy a blissful week with your beloved. The atmosphere at home will be harmonious. Students may not find it easy to achieve higher grades in their examinations. As for professionals, you might want to take precautions regarding financial matters and relevant dealings. Your honesty and sincerity towards your career might be taken into consideration, and you’ll be offered an increment followed by a promotion. You would be able to achieve a handsome income and reasonable profit in your business. Your financial condition might be much more stable, but it would be wise to take precautions towards your expenses.

Libra Weekly Love And Relationship

You may face more misunderstandings and negative feelings that may lead your love life to dissatisfaction or disappointment. Your egoistic nature may bring disharmony in your married life. You may have to apologize for misbehaving and not understanding the view or accepting his or her request. The both of may have to be cordial and maintain mutual understanding by having control over your anger. You may have to be more polite and knowledge with your loved one.

Libra Weekly Health And Well Being

You may have to take care while consuming food and avoid eating spicy or packaged food. You may suddenly face problems like gastric-related issues, acidity, vomiting, and infection in the stomach for which you may have to undergo urgent treatment. You might have complaints related to the right ear or may have to suffer from severe pain or infection in the ear.

Libra Weekly Career And Business

Your superiors might be considerably pleased and satisfied owing to your better performance, and they may be willing to reward you. You may be transferred with a promotion to your desired location, looking at your sincerity and honesty in the corporate sector or government job. You may have to be more careful while signing financial documents to avoid the warning or inquiry from the Government departments. There is a possibility of losing important clients, orders, or contracts from the corporate or Government departments.

Libra Weekly Money And Finances

As a business person, you may have to face loss in your financial matters due to poor performance or malpractices of the staff. People involved in business may incur profit and get the expected income or profit. Your financial stability may fluctuate because of your sales department’s carelessness in selling goods or providing after-sales services. Your administrative spending may rise to avoid the shortage of workforce by recruiting new employees for the company.

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