Pisces Daily Horoscope – Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Moon in Leo today, could dampen your zeal and saddle you with regret and sorrow regarding a recent event. Do not feel sad. Your compassionate and empathetic nature will help you soon resolve the issue. You have a sensitive nature and are often controlled by your emotions. An argument with a loved one could leave you feeling hurt and disheartened. This could even impact your work, causing you to feel anxious. You may even feel distracted from the tasks at hand and feel unable to make your own decisions. Stay positive and remain calm at work to manage stress. Lucky colour of the day is Blue. Auspicious time is 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope

Interesting hobbies that you mutually share with your beloved will help you enjoy his or her company today. Doing things together will also cement your relationship. Use this opportunity to convey your genuine feelings and prevent him or her from feeling neglected. The reciprocation you receive will be proof enough whether you are on the right lines.

Pisces Daily Career Horoscope

Today is a day when you may find that your work profile has changed, or that you have taken a new job. This could prove to be an exciting new learning experience for you. This is a time of new beginnings, so you are likely to see some upheaval in your work sector. Don`t stress about it; these changes are a blessing in disguise and will eventually move you closer to your career goals.

Pisces Daily Finance Horoscope

You will turn in healthy returns through your diplomatic abilities and hard work, which will impress your superiors. Today do your best at work as eyes will be upon you. You may or may not realize it, but there are people in your organization who are keeping track of your work performance and who are evaluating you. Just do your best in your job and you will be just fine.

Pisces Daily Health Horoscope

Today is a day to pursue a low-key hobby such as taking a walk or reading a book. Keep your mind active, but don`t overexert yourself physically. Take things slow and you will have nothing much to complain about on this front. You can make today your day off from the gym. Continue to eat right, though, or you will find yourself feeling sluggish. It will also help you keep your diet healthy.

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