PISCES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – Show you the money, honey! Work and money matters are a predominating focus for you this week, Pisces, and it’s all lucky energy. At the same time, Universe is sending you some clues about your Destiny this week. Whether you enjoy that luck will be all up to you, and you will need to be paying attention to those signs and signals from Universe.

You also have Pluto going retrograde this week in your social house. This is going to launch a time frame of several months where your social matters are significant in your every day matters. You won’t be interested in anyone that tries to manipulate you on the social scene over the next few months, Pisces, and will be the one driving the changes. Friendships and the truest people in your life are going to manifest in the coming months.

On Monday, electric vibes arrive when the Sun links up with Uranus in your third house of communication. Communicate from the heart, or create from the heart, and it will be a productive day indeed. Logic and rational thought could be a little hazy now, so big decisions aren’t favored under this Uranus spell.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday you have some Capricorn energy working in your favor. The Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday is working your social house for a few days, and Pluto, also in Capricorn, is going retrograde in this house on Wednesday. This retrograde transit is going to have you in serious reflection mode over who your friends are, and may even lead to some reflections and changes in the coming months.

It’s time to let your soul sing, Pisces, and by the weekend you will be feeling that if you haven’t yet by this point in the week. Friday’s Moon energy will help you remove the things from your life that are preventing you from doing that. The Aquarius Moon on Friday works your twelfth house of endings, preparing you for your Moon. This Moon arrives with a guardian angel that will help you to say goodbye to what isn’t working, for good.

By Saturday, Destiny calls when lover Mars links up with Neptune in your fourth house of roots and foundations. Mars can help you to attract some opportunities at home, and if you are thinking of moving or relocating, Mars has the tips on that for you. These are aligned with your soul’s path, so you want to be following those clues. They are important for your Destiny! Time for you to put those changes to work for yourself.

When the Moon arrives in your sign on Sunday, you will be ready to launch those changes and begin a creative process. But you can create just for fun, and it will be very productive. It’s just your kind of energy, Pisces, and a lovely way to wrap up the week. Have a blessed week, Pisces!

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