Pisces Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

You are likely to enjoy great health during this phase. However, minor issues are likely to bother you. Your financial stability may be reasonable, as you might be able to clear your outstanding loan to the bank or loan companies. Students may be required to move away from home in order to pursue further education. Your education might progress well. As for your love life, you are likely to have a favourable week. The two of you will be in sync and enjoy a strong bond. As for your career, you are likely to move to a new location for work. Even business owners may have to shift their business because of the disturbance in the vicinity for various reasons. Also, your siblings may not be as cooperative if they are working in your company and may cause disruption for you. Those in committed relationships may not be able to culminate their relationship into marriage during this phase.

Pisces Weekly Love And Relationship

You may forget all your past differences with your beloved one and start a new chapter with deep love and understanding. You may feel happy because of getting married to the love of your life with the due permission from your parents and elders. Singles may not share the same fate during this phase. However, Ganesha urges you not to give up hope in this regard. In due time, you will find the one you’re meant to be with.

Pisces Weekly Health And Well Being

You may have an inclination to keep fit during this phase. In fact, you may have to be careful while undergoing various fitness measures to avoid having problems in your back. You may stand first or second and win a prize in competitions. If you’re passionate about a sport, you are likely to win competitions at the state level as well. You will go out of your way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pisces Weekly Career And Business

Salaried employees may have to work overtime to accomplish the extra workload, including excessive travel. Business-related to decoration, cosmetics, entertainment, jewellery, or perfumes may do expected business. However, even overall, this phase seems more than favourable for career and business-related matters. Those wanting to start a new venture will also find this phase fruitful.

Pisces Weekly Money And Finances

You might be able to have reasonable control over your financial stability. You may succeed in having control over unwarranted or urgent expenses for the repair of office automation equipment, or systems of the company. You may find it necessary to recruit more staff members to look after your financial or accounting matters. You may have to take new and effective measures to maintain a proper record of accounts.

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