Sagittarius Love Horoscope for Friday, January 17, 2020

Whoa! Easy there! You are rushing it. You and your partner have recently got together on the journey of love and the thrill is still there. You cannot wait to finish a day before planning the other. According to you and your partner, everything needs to be done right here, right now! But if you must know, a real relationship needs patience and a deep understanding to make it work. It is true that you love each other.

You mean the world to each other and you two wish to celebrate this wonderful bond. But to convert love into a stable relationship has never been easy and you need to understand this now.Today is a good day to slow down and try a different avenue in the world of love. Instead of running about, it is a good idea to settle down with each other and interact more. Opt for a coffee together instead of catching the first day first show of a movie. Spend time getting to know each other, his/her likes and dislikes, their hopes and wishes and sharing yours in return. This will lead to a platform of understanding on which your love will grow.

Your happiness lies in each other and you revel in each other’s company. Take care to stay away from strong smells and sharp objects as them may cause trouble. Go for a long walk if you do not feel like coffee. Natural scenery will be good for you. You and your partner have a beautiful life ahead.


Lucky colors – maroon, lemon yellow
Lucky colors – 9, 16, 25, 51

Author: kristina

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