SAGITTARIUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – Are you ready for a big love fest, Sagittarius? Because there are many loving moments in the forecast for you this week. Overall there aren’t too many major transits on the docket, so this week is going to be an easy one for you. The transits that are chiming in this week are all urging your soul to follow its highest purpose. The week will be filled with many clues for you to do just that!

The week opens up with a sense of completion and fulfillment, as you come off of a Full Moon week. You likely had some serious reflection over what happens next in your life, on one issue, or maybe on all of them. Your twelfth house angel is helping you to make those decisions, and is still available to you this week, and this week opens up on Monday with the Moon in your sign and your house of new beginnings.

Also on Monday, the work vibes continue and your wildest fantasies may be explored when the Sun links up with Uranus in your sixth house of health and every day details. You may feel more creative at work today, or creative about work. You may also be fantasizing about health solutions, or just getting creative with the little details of life. In either case, leading with love gets the job done and has you feeling good.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday, money matters are on your mind. This launches with the Capricorn Moon working your money house over Tuesday and Wednesday. But also on Wednesday, Pluto goes retrograde in your money house for a few months. You will no longer allow yourself to be manipulated by power plays about money, and will spend the new few months tearing some walls down here. And it will feel good.

Come Saturday, destined events are absolutely possible under a Mars and Neptune link in your seventh house of love. Your romantic affairs have some real opportunity for growth! When you find them, your soul will sing, and you will get to the other side of love ever so quickly. This is the real deal, Sag, it’s not just in your head!

On Sunday, the Pisces Moon arrives to spread some warmth and love in your home sector. You wrap up the week with a dreamy little bow and feel good about progress in all areas of your life. Have a blessed week, Sagittarius!

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