SCORPIO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – For most Earthlings it is a very quiet week from Universe, Scorpio, but you are feeling anything but. You are on the verge of some big changes, and you feel it in your bones. This intensity feels emotional early in the week, but you work through the week taking the confidence and optimism you are feeling and channeling it into something wonderful and beautiful in your life.

Relationships may be in the picture early in the week. Under that magical spell of the Moon, you are feeling the Sun and Taurus work warmly in your relationship house. Expect the unexpected! You feel lucky about love or about routines in your daily life. You may also be feeling quite inspired! Inspirations on the little things will arrive, and following them will lead to luck in the big things.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday you are feeling the power of communication on your side when the Moon in Capricorn works your communication house. You also have Pluto going retrograde in this house for a few months on Wednesday, and this transit will last a few months, giving you all the power when it comes to communication over the next several months. You are the changemaker!

Come Saturday, you may be feeling like your soul is itching or calling you to make a deep and personal transformation. Follow those urgings, as your life path is calling you when lover Mars links up with Neptune and works your eighth house of all things taboo. Secrets could be paramount, but you may also just be sharing intensely. Be open to all opportunities as Universe is sincerely sending you The One thing in your life you’ve been looking for. Clues are abundant today!

This takes you right into the glory of Sunday, when the Pisces Moon finds you romantic in your fifth house of love. Oh this feels good! You are in dreamy and fantasizing mode, and can use this effectively in love. Don’t make any big decisions today, but just follow the loving energy and see where it takes you. Enjoy this little dreamy wave of bliss as you wrap up the week. Have a blessed week, Scorpio!

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