Scorpio Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

Students will find this week favourable. You are urged to continue working hard in order to meet your goals. As for professionals, your expenses may cross the limit if you do not keep an eye on your budget. Furthermore, your efforts in accumulating savings would be much helpful. Your career might be progressive but may involve more travelling to foreign countries. You may expect good news in your career as an employee. As a business owner, you may face more competition and may need to shift your business to a different location. Your financial position may give you stress this week. In terms of your personal life, you and your spouse may have disagreements during this phase. Your spouse may not be as supportive and be distant. Health-wise, you may require a push to stay upbeat and cheerful. It would be vital to take vitamins in order to maintain a healthy immune system.

Scorpio Weekly Love And Relationship

Your angry nature may bring distance between you and your beloved. You may require being generous and alert while making meaningful discussion or talking about issues that may arise in your love life. Your cooperation and friendly behaviour might bring peace to your relationship. You may not get the desired support and love from your life-partner due to misunderstandings and your moody nature.

Scorpio Weekly Health And Well Being

You may have to eat fresh or cooked food to avoid abnormality in your stomach or have problems with indigestion. You may suffer from seasonal health issues like cold and cough. However, you will recover soon. The excessive workload may give you more fatigue that may make you lazy.

Scorpio Weekly Career And Business

You may succeed in coping with the existing workload. You may be given a higher position with more responsibilities looking at your sincerity and capability. You may be appointed as a branch manager in another location, followed by a good increment but without promotion. You may have better growth in your business but have to spend more on other matters. You may take-up more assignments as a business owner.

Scorpio Weekly Money And Finances

You may have to be careful to avoid unwarranted expenses for preventing further losses. You may incur a loss from the investment made in the past for better returns. You may lose your capital if invested in unknown financial companies or lucrative schemes. Your extreme efforts might only reduce the expenses of the company. Your financial position may improve due to your wise handling and better control.

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