Single Most Effective Natural Treatment Against Wart

Skin tags and warts are often confused with each other, but they have a lot of differences including in appearance, shape, color, and how they are acquired. However, the most distinguishing characteristic is that warts are contagious, whereas skin tags are not.

Whether you have skin tags or warts, you surely want to remove these unsightly growths. There are a number of treatments that have been recommended by people, while others are pieces of advice from medical experts. Note though that most doctors believe that you should just leave skin tags alone, especially if they are not bothersome. Some treatments can indeed irritate them as well as warts and they can cause some complications.

Thankfully, there is one good treatment that you can turn to and that is through the use of apple cider vinegar. With this one simple ingredient, you could remove tiny warts from your skin without opting for a medical procedure. Here are the steps in using apple cider vinegar for your skin tags or little warts:

1. Have your apple cider vinegar ready. There is no specific brand that is recommended, so you can just whatever it is that you have at home or the one that’s available at your local store.

2. Have a dropper ready as well. This will make it easier for you to take some drops of the vinegar.

3. You also need a Band-Aid, the smaller type.

4. Get your dropper and take some apple cider in it. Put a drop or two at the middle of the Band-Aid.

5. Place the Band-Aid directly on top of your skin tag and leave it there overnight.

6. Repeat the process for five days. Make sure that you change the Band-Aid every day.

7. If the skin tag is still there after five days, you can continue the procedure for a few more days until the growth dries up and just falls off of your skin.

As an alternative to Band-Aid, you can simply use a cotton ball, which you need to soak with apple cider vinegar. You need to apply the solution for at least three times a day every day for about two weeks or until the tag has detached itself from your skin.

Apple cider vinegar is actually quite popular in skin tag and wart removal. It guarantees a safe and painless way of destroying the growth that causes you to become self-conscious. The good news here is that even though the vinegar is acidic and harsh to the tag, it will be gentle to the surrounding skin.

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