Virgo Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Your perfection can be a bane sometimes to your health. Since you are constantly thinking of doing things in the correct manner and in the minutest detail, you stress yourself out aiming for that perfection.The Moon in Aquarius will today, encourage you to de-stress both your mind and body, by simply moving away from your familiar surroundings and setting off to some exotic destination. You need to be in a place where your mind can escape its own thoughts. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, your mind will calm itself and you will feel cleansed mentally and much lighter. Wearing something in olive green today may help bring you some peace. 3 pm to 5 pm will prove to be lucky for you.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope

You may find yourself in an extramarital relationship. Stay away from temptation; it will NOT be worth it. Think twice before embarking on something that may well lead only to trouble and heartache.

Virgo Daily Career Horoscope

Change is something you are looking at, even if it means move within your organisation. Some kind of restlessness is playing on your mind. Talk about the possibilities with your human resource or a senior whom you may look up to.

Virgo Daily Finance Horoscope

International trading and businesses related to the international market are highlighted today and will provide lucrative opportunities to professionals in these fields. Take advantage of this propitious time and try to expand the reach of your business as far and wide as possible.You need to maintain the quality of your product to keep your current clients and encourage new clients to sign up.

Virgo Daily Health Horoscope

Drive very carefully today as accidents are highly indicated. Today you are prone to causing serious injury to yourself due to a road accident. Be extra cautious while driving or even while walking on the road or sidewalk and abide by all traffic laws. If you have been complaining about aches and pains, today will see you feeling much better. Regular exercise starts showing results!

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