Virgo Weekly Horoscope, November 17 to November 23

This phase might be good for you to socialize, travel, communicate. You might have a practical and reasonable approach to most issues in your life. You may be confident when it comes to finances and might make the right move at the right time. Financial gains might occur during this phase. Around the midweek, it might be a good time to spend with friends and hang out. You might also feel close and connected with your siblings. However, it might not be a good phase for romance and love. If you’re looking for love, this week may not be ideal to find someone of your liking. Even those in committed relationships are likely to have minor disagreements with those they love. In general, you may have to work hard to stay motivated after the midweek. Even though no major concern can be foreseen, minor health issues could leave you flustered.

Virgo Weekly Love And Relationship

Love may not be a priority this week. You may be preoccupied with other thoughts and issues. There may not be much to communicate and talk with your partner this week. The both of you may prefer to keep your distance and give some space to each other. Affection and emotions may be less in comparison. If you plan to propose to someone you like, this is not the best time, and it’s better to postpone it for later. This week may be a rather laid back and boring time for lovers.

Virgo Weekly Health And Well Being

Some health issues are indicated this week. This week may affect and not be too good for older people, and they may complain of aches and pains. Overall, for most people, the energy levels may be low, and the immunity is likely to be affected. You may have to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even then, it is not a great week for health and well-being. But no severe ailment or chronic diseases are indicated. Take proper medical care and advice. You may recover if timely medical advice and treatment are taken.

Virgo Weekly Career And Business

This week, you may have high expectations regarding your business and career. But it is a possibility that your expectations may not be met. Things may move slowly and might frustrate you though cash flow and profits may be right. But you may not have the clarity at times, and it’s good to discriminate and act wisely after thinking rather than acting impulsively. Not a good time for expansion as you may have some confusion and anxiety with regards to your business and career. You may face some challenges with your workers, and some legal issues are indicated.

Virgo Weekly Money And Finances

Money matters and finances may be good this week. You can expect some sudden and unexpected gains. Your cash flow may be right. Losses and unforeseen expenses may not be an issue this week. You may make wise decisions when it comes to investments and finances. You may also act with confidence at the required time to benefit from the opportunity. This is also a good time to speculate as you may take good and calculated risk that may pay good dividends, and you are likely to benefit — an excellent time to invest and make money.

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