VIRGO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Virgo For the Week of: April 22 – April 28

Apr 22, 2019 – You are feeling some lucky energy this week, Virgo, and although it is a quiet week from Universe, you go into it feeling on top of the world. The Full Moon energy of last week is trickling into this week, and this has you feeling like you are ready for a big change. The Full Moon energy is giving you a lot of energy to really focus on closing some big chapters, and paving the way for some brand new ones.

On Monday, expect the unexpected in your foreign affairs house, when the Sun links up happily with shock planet Uranus. Follow the inspirations of the Sun as they will lead you into a big change that could prove very lucky for you.

By Tuesday and Wednesday you are feeling the fun and just enjoying some spring energy. The Moon in fellow Earth Sign Capricorn works your fifth house of pleasures. Pluto is going retrograde in this house on Wednesday as well, in a transit that will last a few months. Romance will feel good and activities with children will be very pleasurable. Just let that hair down and relax a bit. It’s all about finding that balance.

As the week moves forward, you are feeling some charming energy courtesy of Mars and Neptune in your tenth house of career destiny. You are attracting some wonderful work opportunities that are aligned with your life’s path and soul’s purpose. You intuitively know this, but your fears could still be holding you back. Put them away, it’s time to see some big dreams happen, Virgo, and paranoia won’t get you there.

Come Sunday, the Pisces Moon arrives in your relationship house and you are feeling the romance in many directions. Follow that dreamy haze as it is sending you in all of the right directions.

There could be some messages coming to you in dream content as well this weekend, Virgo, so pay attention! But stay away from big life decisions until this haze passes, which it will rather quickly. It’s a lovely way to end the week, and you may end it with a song in your soul with all this luck floating around. Have a blessed week, Virgo!

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